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Last Updated Jun 02, 2021

Product FAQs

How do I use GaiasChoice products?

You can find directions on the product packaging, or check out the individual product pages in our shop for more details on the best methods of usage, suggested dosage, and more.

Are your products safe?

Our primary mission is providing you with quality, safe and effective products that you can rely on. Our products are derived from premium grade organic hemp, and developed and produced in a regulated laboratory. All product batches undergo thorough testing and inspection to ensure their potency, efficacy, and safety.

Do they cause side effects?

Our products are derived from hemp, a plant which does not contain psychoactive cannabinoid compounds. There should not be any significant side effects from the use of our CBD products, but we always recommend you consult a medical professional before using these or any other dietary supplements.

Can I take your products if I'm pregnant, breastfeeding, or on prescription medication?

In any of these cases we do not recommend the use of our products or any dietary supplements without first consulting a medical professional. While hemp-derived products are generally considered safe, it's important that you check first with your physician to ensure no complications with other medications or other health regimens.

Do your CBD products have healing effects?

Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We are not authorized to make medical claims and we encourage our customers to consult with their medical professional before usage. While we stand behind your satisfaction with our products, the statements on this website are indicative of common results experienced by typical users, and not a guarantee of efficacy.

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